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Brand American leader in footwear. Its product is equipped with great technology and comfort for the development of outdoor, travel, adventure and nautical. Timberland is a pioneer in the manufacture of organic products and is very committed to the environment and social community.
Pipolaki/Redeye is a centenarian French Brand specialist in the manufacture of hats and accessories to enjoy skiing, mountain aprèski. The materials used to manufacture are the most innovative and technical of the market.
Helly Hansen is a Norwegian brand created in 1877 by J. Helly Hansen, a Norwegian fisherman. Throughout its history has been characterized by high technology and design in all its products. It covers subjects such as sailing, skiing in the mountains and training. Systems? Precursor and inventor of the first 3 layers of the polar fleece market. In its collection you can find a wide range of garments, footwear and accessories.